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About Us
At Ascensión we use a laidback competitiveness to build loyalty and friendships through raids, Galactic Starfighter, and PvP so that we may be a well-rounded guild in which our members have fun doing multiple things.

Core Values

We foster a social environment to accompany what can be a solitary MMORPG experience. Being able to chat with people on TeamSpeak is part of the Ascensión experience. Members of the guild greatly enjoy being able to hop on to talk about both anything and nothing in particular.

We are a community of like minded players who enjoy playing the game well (i.e. thinking tactically, using sensible strategies) but who also don't take the game too seriously because we "play the game we enjoy, not the game Goblin_lackey's powergamer stats would prescribe."

We learn from and teach each other. Whether it's the best way to gather Biochem mats or knitting turadiam stockings on our Synthweaver or sharing best practices in UI management, we are warm and helpful toward each other.

Diverse Experiences
We revel in opportunities to experience content enabled by good leadership, planning, and people stepping up. Through officers starting up new raid groups to meet the growing demand, organizing datacron hunts or conquest objective raids, or just calling out for help to run the initial Oricon questline (not to mention the whole raft of PvP related activities available), we enjoy and experience a broader game world thanks to the company (and occasional instigation) of fellow guildies. The same old same old routine gets boring, but the opportunities to do things together—even if they are the same old same old—helps to keep things refreshed.

Quick Information
  • Server: Prophecy of the Five
  • Alignment: Republic, with Imperial Sister Guild Descension
  • Classes We Recruit: We are open to having members of any class or play style.
  • Stance on Alts: We allow everyone to maintain alternate characters within the guild, and have no set restrictions on them (would you like to have two Guardians? No problem!).
  • Behavioural Rules:
  • Please be respectful. Berating others, profanities or otherwise, is not tolerated. This includes people outside the guild. We're all here to have fun. Giving constructive advice is always better than telling someone they suck. We do quite a bit of operations. TeamSpeak is a must for these even if you are muted and just listening. Asking someone to type out directions is asking a lot. "I already know the fights" isn't the teamwork we're striving for.

Play Style
We run many operations and other PVE content, and also have many people who regularly PVP. We like to be active in Conquest activities, and also have a large number of end-game crafters within the guild. We also run other events (datacron runs, scavenger hunts, screencap competitions, etc.) to foster guild cohesion and, just generally, more fun.

Assets for Guild Members
We have a Guild ship, full experience and reputation bonuses, run regular pick-up operations as well as having three progression operations teams, and a 5-page guild bank with resources for guild members (crafting materials, experience boosts, cartel market items, etc.). We also have a TeamSpeak 3 server, to aid in running operations (much easier to do over voice) and for players to use to socialize while playing the game and/or running things.

Member/Promotion Structure
Ascension's ranks, from lowest to highest, are as follows:
  • Youngling: These are the members who only recently joined the guild.
  • Padawan: These are guild members who have been with the guild for more than thirty days.
  • Knight: These are guild members who have completed their Knight's Trial (details below).
  • Ambassador: These are guild members who have completed their Knight's Trial and who have demonstrated a high level of participation within the guild. These are people who have demonstrated helpfulness in guild, tactfulness in their dealings, and who exemplify the core values of the guild.
  • Master: Guild members who have contributed tremendously to the guild. This can be in the form of running an organized team of some sort, or heavily recruiting new players/members and contributing to their staying in guild, or having led/organized many pushes for conquest. They also exemplify the core values of the guild. The promotion of a member to the rank of Master is at the discretion of the Council members, and based on guild size/need.
  • Council Member: These are guild members who advise the Guildmaster and Assistant Guildmaster. They are those people who have gone above and beyond in contribution to the guild. They are the guardians of the guild, as it were, ensuring it runs smoothly and efficiently. They are also the people who will deal with internal guild issues.
  • Guildmaster/Assistant Guildmaster: As the title would suggest, these are the leaders of the guild.

There are also two other ranks (Janitor, and Admiral) which are conferred to players to help with specific tasks within the guild.

Who Are the Guild Leaders?

  • Wiffle: Guildmaster
  • Ghinzu: Assistant Guildmaster
  • Ashannon: Council Member
  • Clubber'lang: Council Member
  • Ehrhektor: Council Member
  • Hawkbit: Council Member
  • Twysted: Council Member
  • T'enelia: Council Member

In addition to the Council, Masters can also deal with internal guild issues, or can bring the matter to the attention of the council for you.

  • Lepre-chaun
  • Luminatus
  • Val-Kyra

Knight's Trial
There are four requirements:
  • You must use TeamSpeak.
  • You must have registered on this website.
  • You must have: defeated Operator IX on Hardmode with an in-guild run (you can post in the forums to schedule your PVE trial, and please have familiarized yourself with the fights leading up to him and his fight by reading Hardmode guides before doing this); OR reached Valor 65; OR reached your conquest goal on at least three characters during a winning conquest week wherein you've declared your desire to undergo the Conquest trial ahead of time (through a forum post).
  • You must have been in the guild for 30 days or more.

Once you have met these requirements let a member of the council know. We will meet to ensure that you have adequately passed your trials, then we will promote you!

I have more questions!
Feel free to either post them on the Forums, or send a PM to one of the council members or the Guildmaster with your questions, if you have more!