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Sentinel School, a guide by Ghinzu

GearingI primarily use the guide to gearing written by Goblin_Lackey on the official SWTOR forums. However, if you would like to check out my gear, I would be happy to oblige. An additional note I feel is necessary to make is this. I cannot guaran...
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Guardian Tanking help desk

It has come to my attention that there are a number of Jedi Guardian tanks in our guild as of late. Now, by no means do I think that I am the best tank player out there, but I have noticed in various cases that some people tanking with the Guardi...
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Fenris4319Small Fenris 3y

New Slinger/Sniper Civil War Strategy

I've found a good use for the Gunslinger's cover. On the warzone Civil War, go to the middle turret and go up the walkway. Take cover behind the walls(better to use natural cover instead of Portable Cover, gives more perks), and shoot the heck out...
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Good tanking class

So, I've decided to try a new playstyle for once in my life. Instead of DPSing, Imma try a tank class. Maybe a healer later, but whatevs,In your opinion, which is the best tanking class? I'm leaning toward Powertech, though Assassin and Guardian s...
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Guardian Vigilance Guide 3.0
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