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Fresh 65s

I think we need to get back to a fresh 65 night. This game caters now to the solo experience. It would be a good opportunity to introduce our members the things that I think really make the game most fun. We would introduce them to TeamSpeak and S...
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Wiffle2565Small Hawkbit 3y

Serenity - Current Gear Status - Post here.

Serenity members. I made this thread so we can keep updating our current gear status. Feel free to edit your post as you update gear. Here is my current status:Luminatus6-set piece complete:220 chest224 beltrest are 216220 mainhandone 220 impan...
Small Luminatus 3y
Luminatus4533Member avatar small Jectoch 3y

Progression Operations Teams

It's a good time to start thinking about forming teams to make progress in operations. Getting the basic gear is fun; however, advancing to hard mode and nightmare mode takes a consistent team effort.My goal is to put in place two teams.What I wou...
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Wiffle233200Member avatar small Mygross 3y

Sword Squadron

First, let me write that I was off last night. On, you can see that the two healers healed for over 4000 points each second. I was a lot closer to that on Sunday.One of my difficulties in this fight is that the tanks are spread a bit apa...
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Wiffle7782Member avatar small Ghinzu 4y

To Set Bonus or Not Set Bonus (PVE)

Last night some had a discussion about whether or not it is best to get better armoring and lose a set bonus. I had found this thread earlier. Enjoy!
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Mygross Raid Name

So as I said last night, we need to come up with a name for our team. This thread is to help come up with some names to vote on later. So far the names that I have come up with are:Team Laser beam attack walrusTeam MercilessPlease feel free to pos...
Member avatar small Mygross 5y
Mygross4447Small Wiffle 5y

Dread Fortress HM

Nefra, Who Bars the WayThis is the easiest of the fights in Dread Fortress; it is a fairly straightforward tank-and-spank with three mechanics.Tanks• Nefra has a distributive frontal attack and will require both tanks to stand in front of her. One...
Member avatar small Kitastrophe 5y
Kitastrophe2383Small Rhrektum 5y

Pickup Raids on Tuesday and Thursday

The advent of Group Finder makes my job much easier.We have been raiding on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I've had to put much effort to get a full team or to match roles. Here's what we will do. I will put the call out to group at 9:00 EDT on Tuesd...
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Wiffle9770Small Drondor 5y


looking to start a raid team if you whant in let me now
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cegwolf1213Small cegwolf 5y
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