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I primarily use the guide to gearing written by Goblin_Lackey on the official SWTOR forums. However, if you would like to check out my gear, I would be happy to oblige. An additional note I feel is necessary to make is this. I cannot guarantee that this guide will make you the highest parsing Sentinel of all time, because that is not its purpose. I feel that a guide that claims to be the best possible rotation falls short because it is based on an ideal boss fight where you never miss an ability, die, or be targeted by a mechanic. The purpose of this guide, and the approach that I take with all of my DPS classes, is to provide a heavy hitting opening rotation and a solid priority list that is both realistic and easy to re-engage should a mechanic target you. Basically, I would rather be able to adapt to any situation and still pull off great numbers, instead of using a rotation that only works well if things go my way and nothing bad happens.


There are some fights where I adjust my utilities, but for most fights, I use a pretty standard set of utilities (these have been bolded).


Jedi Enforcer - makes rebuke better
Jedi Crusader - damage reduction and builds more centering
Stoic - makes rebuke build more centering

Trailblazer - cyclone slash does 25% more damage (I only use this in boss fights with lots of adds)


Ardor - transcendence no longer requires centering, and now has a 30 second cooldown
Defensive Roll - take 30% less damage from area effects, more damage reduction as well


Expunging Camouflage - gives Force Camouflage a self cleanse (only use in fights that require cleansing)
Jedi Promulgator - helps reduce the cooldown of Rebuke
Enduring - makes Guarded by the Force last 2 seconds longer, reduces its cooldown by 30 seconds
Contemplation - Introspection (your health regeneration ability) builds 30 centering while you channel

Key Abilities

Essential for Watchman Sentinel

Force Leap
Force Melt
Merciless Slash
Overload Saber
Zealous Strike
Blade Dance
Twin Saber Throw
Valorous Call



AOE Situations

Force Sweep
Cyclone Slash


Saber Ward
Guarded by the Force
Force Camouflage

Other useful abilities

Blade Blitz

Rotation and Priority List

I have never been a proponent of a static rotation (especially for melee classes), but instead believe that understanding the smaller mechanics of your advanced class (you know, this procs this, that procs that sort of thing) and using a priority list is far more beneficial. I feel this way because you will NEVER have 100% up time on the boss due to having to chase or being targeted by a mechanic (such as the red circles during the Bestia fight in DP HM). That said, I do believe in a static opening rotation, because at the beginning of the fight there is little to interfere. As such, you will find an opening rotation below that you should stick to every time (except in fights where you should wait on Zen and Inspiration, such as Sparky HM). It is worth noting that if you elected to the choose Contemplation in the Heroic tier for your utilities, you can start the fight with 30 stacks of centering AND use Valorous Call. This would allow you to use Zen, followed by Valorous Call and Inspiration. If you don’t use this utility, just use Valorous Call before the fight to get your 30 stacks of centering.

Opening Rotation

The opening rotation is assuming you chose Contemplation as one of your utilities. If you haven’t and need more help, let me know. I’m just trying to avoid confusion by giving you two openers.

1. Force leap + Overload Saber (can activate it in mid air)
2. Zealous Strike + attack adrenal (if you’re using them)
3. Merciless Slash
4. Zen
5. Valorous Call + Inspiration
6. Cauterize
7. Force Melt
8. Blade Dance

Priority List

1. Merciless Slash

2. Cauterize (keep this DOT up at all times)

3. Force Melt (builds focus, so if you need resources you can prioritize it above Merciless Slash if need be)

4. Overload Saber (this is off of the global cooldown so use as often as possible)

5. Dispatch (when it lights up or whenever available if the boss is below 30%)

6. Blade Dance

7. Twin Saber Throw (ONLY when it lights up, but be careful where you aim it as it is an AOE)

8. Slash (use only if you have the resources for it and Merciless Slash is still on cooldown)

9. Strike (your auto-attack, generates focus, use as necessary if you need more focus for an upcoming Merciless Slash for example)

I didn’t put Zealous Strike on the priority list because you really just use it to generate resources when necessary. If you have no resources it should be top priority.

Situational Tips

1. When you’re in a fight that has adds that are grouped together, apply Cauterize and Force Melt on one of them then use Force Sweep to spread your DOTS to the rest of the adds. You can also use Twin Saber Throw and Cyclone Slash (especially if you took the +25% damage utility) to burn down adds.

2. Transcendence can save your teammates life, especially during HM Corruptor Zero’s gravity field or the slowdown from the Lurkerlings in Underlurker HM. You’ll find plenty of uses for it as you play with your Sentinel.

3. I usually use inspiration at the beginning of a fight so that I can hit it again later in the fight. Of course this is fight specific, so it may not always apply.
If you choose to use the Contemplation utility there is a nice little trick. Before the fight starts you can select this utility, use introspection to gain your 30 stacks of Centering, then choose another utility and keep your 30 stacks! This is a great way to enable you to use both Zen and Inspiration at the beginning of the fight (with the help of Valorous Call), but it can be a bit of a pain if people aren’t ready to start the fight when you are. I sometimes use this trick, but have gotten rather lazy with it. That said, another solution could be to simply always choose the Contemplation utility.

4. If you use attack adrenals (and you should), use them as often as you can, unless if there is some part of the fight where you aren’t going to be doing damage, in which case you can delay it.

5. I HIGHLY recommend making a timer in Starparse for Cauterize. Let me know if you’d like help setting it up.

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