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As some of our members are newer to raiding, here are some strategy guides for raids.

Some of these refer to patch 3.0 fights (we are now in 4.0) but the general flavour of the fights has not changed much.

This post is intended to help members "self study" in the event that a more experienced raider is not available to do a detailed briefing. Even if such a person were available in their group, it often doesnt hurt to be able to "see" a fight beforehand so that a briefing makes more sense.

It is up to each individual raid team's leaders/organizers to decide how much prep work they expect of each raider, but at least here is an information nexus to most of the relevant content in one place for easier access.

Happy raiding, Ascension!

Note1: All guides are for typically for storymode but occasionally refer to or also link HM mechanics
Note2: The main hub site is which is, in general, a delightful and very helpful resource in general to read through for many things SWTOR pve.

Scum and Villiany ( "S & V" )


Temple of Sacrifice ( "TOS" )

Dread Fortress ( "DF" )

Dread Palace ( "DP" )

Terror from Beyond ( "TFB" )

Colossal Monolith (On Ziost)

Toborro's courtyard ( "TC" )

Eternity Vault ( "EV" )

Karagga's Palace ( "KP" )'s_Palace
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